Fayre Oaks - Aston Martin
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Fayre Oaks celebrates with Aston Martin - 5th Nov13

Last month we invited over 30 VIPs (very important partners) from around the world to celebrate with us as a way of expressing our gratitude for their continued support to Fayre Oaks.

The two-day event took place in the heart of the English countryside, Gaydon in Warwickshire, where our guests had the chance to visit and get involved at one of the most prestigious factories in the world.

As Aston Martin themselves are rejoicing this year, their centenary, it was the most fitting location we could think of to combine a join celebration.

The bespoke event created in conjunction with the great people of Aston Martin comprised of a full detailed factory tour (normally reserved for owners and not open to the public), which gave our guests a chance to get up close and see for their own eyes the astonishing attention to detail that goes into every single car.

Fayre Oaks - Aston Martin

Time in the design studio, where owners and potential owners can chose from infinite custom variations. From matching the exterior colour to your recently bought handbag, to the exact colour stitching and pattern you desire on the upholstery.

However the icing on the cake was what we arranged for all of our guests - to drive multiple Aston Martins throughout the village and surrounding countryside for a couple of hours. The 12, brand new, car line up comprised of the recently released super saloon Rapide S to the “revealed only that week” brand new £200,000 Vanquish Volante. I am happy to report that no guests or Aston Martins required the assistance of the local constabulary.

“We wanted to do something exciting and different but most importantly special, an event people would never forget. The event took 6 months of careful planning and I can confirm was a success. The next question is, what do we do next year?” - Ben James, Director.