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Ben James to become Fayre Oaks new MD

It is with the utmost pleasure, as from the 2nd of November 2015 Peter James is passing the title of Managing Director to Ben James. Peter will remain on the board of directors for the company.

Peter’s experience in the industry spans back in excess of 40 years and has played a fundamental part in some of the industry’s biggest changes. 

“Peter is a much respected person with many contacts and friends spanning the globe - I have some big shoes to fill! He has been fundamental to my personal development and experience and I look forward to continuing his philosophy heading into the future. 

2015 has been a challenging year for us all, but we have a great team who are committed to our continued growth.

2016 will present more challenges but also opportunities. I thank Peter for having trust in me and passing the over the reins. We look forward to all the “good old days” stories Peter is keen on sharing”. – Ben James, Managing Director