Our Company

Fayre Oaks Limited began its life in 1991, established by Peter James and a silent partner Derek Robbins, primarily as a dairy and animal feed trading company based in Bristol, traditionally a major centre of trade worldwide. After years of successful trading and growth, Fayre Oaks began to expand its portfolio, adding fats and oils in the mid 90s, and then glycerine after 2000 as our core business groups.  Always with an emphasis on our traditional markets, we now service the pharmaceutical, food, pet food, technical, anaerobic digestion (AD/biogas) and biofuels sectors with a myriad of different products.

Fayre Oaks is still based where it was founded in Nailsea near Bristol, and from here we reach Europe, America and Asia on a daily basis. Our team use all means now available to communicate with suppliers and customers alike, giving impartial market information, support and advice and taking orders for the supply of their raw materials.

Our 24/7 in-house logistics department services all of our customers direct through specifically approved transport companies chosen for their abilities to carry our products in a correct and timely manner. As principal in any trade we take ownership of each product and treat it as our own until it is delivered to our customer.

We have a mix of talents within our personnel.  Some have come with experience of working within multi-national companies, others are home-grown, but each has their place, and the combination of experience with enthusiasm ensures a vibrant and efficient workplace to the benefit of our suppliers and customers.